Daimler AG,
HR Room, Stuttgart

Innovative conference room with impressive atmosphere and three functional areas: lounge, meeting and analysis. The use of innovative materials along stylish design elements in combination with cutting-edge multimedia technology creates a unique holistic concept.


The entrance area contains the lounge, made for arriving in a relaxed atmosphere and having a conversation.

The meeting area sports a large display behind glass for presentations. The conference table stands out with its elegant shape and WhitePlex finish. Three displays slide up on each long side for videoconferences – the cameras are mounted in the same area.

The analysis area is characterized by two large displays behind glass, mounted at an angle. The analysis table is controlled via touch-functions and can be mirrored on the large displays.

Holzmedia was in charge of designing the room concept along with the furniture and wall paneling in glass and oak, as well as of realization and final installation. The multimedia technology was configured by macom GmbH and installed by Mevis.tv GmbH. The design is by Marc Briefer.